Taylor swift style board [pt. 2]

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You don’t know about me, but I bet you want to.

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“She’s like my little sister, you know? I have never had such a like a truely sister like relationship with someone, and it’s so cool and really amazing to have a friend for that long. We met when I was like 17, 18 and now I am 21, about to turn 22, so it is amazing with so much going on in our lives that we have stayed so close.” ― Taylor on Selena

"We both experienced the same things at the same time, but we’ve never once talked about our industry. She just became the person I’d go to for an issue with my family or boyfriend. It’s so hard to trust girls, so I’m lucky to have her." ― Selena on Taylor (xxx)

Happy Birthday, Selena!!

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You are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had. (insp.)

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“Although most of us equate Taylor with her most frequently worn signature look (ridiculously good winged liner), she’s switched it up on the red carpet more than you might think. Not one to go by the book, she’s made some non-standard beauty choices, like wearing blue on blue or extending her bangs far past the recommended eyebrow-grazing length. Basically, whether she’s pouring out her heart or trying out a new beauty look, she’s always (to quote a certain album title) fearless.”

Teen Vogue (x)

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Lydia Martin in Season 4'I.E.D'

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The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it.

Selena Marie Gomez (July 22, 1992)

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Happy 22nd Birthday Selena Marie ♥ | July 22 1992

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“She [Meredith] fell in love with a bouquet of flowers, spent 3 hours hugging the vase. I have a video of it, it’s really cute!”

Taylor Swift - Q:"I really need to know how your cat (Meredith) is doing?" x
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  • someone: what's your favorite movie
  • me: forgets every movie i've ever seen

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Later, losers.

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